To Parents and Carers

Thank you for bringing your child to soccer each week for training and the games. As you wander around the field during training sessions, you see lots of happy kids getting exercise, learning skills, building friendships and learning to be a team. You also see a lot of happy parents, as they know that playing a team sport is a really good activity for their child to be involved in.

The coaches are doing a great job and we thank them for their time and effort.

Managing a group of children, getting them to follow instructions, be polite and learn new skills can be a tricky task at times. Our coaches are finding that it is particularly tricky at the end of a school day when the kids are tired and restless.

Your help to keep the players focused and displaying good manners and sportsmanship is necessary to keep training sessions fun and beneficial for all involved. Your input to ensure that your child is listening and following instructions given by the coach would be greatly appreciated.

At times, as parents, we watch a coaching session, be it swimming, gymnastics, netball etc, and don’t step in as we think that the coaches don’t want us interfering in their coaching session. That is often the case. The soccer coaches who generously give up their time to teach our kids soccer skills, would like parents to step in and intervene if their child is not behaving in a way that allows the coaching session to be beneficial to all team members.

An extra adult involved in a coaching session, to help keep the kids focused and in the right spot, can make a training session run more smoothly, so don’t be afraid to jump in and help out if you think the coach could use an extra pair of hands.

See you at the next game!

Broulee Soccer Club